About Rheana (pronounced "Rain-uh")  Shine Housecleaning:
    (It's a play on words: Did you get it?  Rain-or-shine     Rain-a-shine)  cute, huh?

    We strive to be the best local, eco-friendly housecleaning business in

    Offering weekly, biweekly, monthly, move-in, move-out, one time, and spring

    We have been established in the community for over 10 years.  We have phenomenal customer ratings
    and feedback, the best you will see in the industry!  We truly care to do a great job each time we are in
    a home.  We have pride in our work and integrity in our business.

    We have the ability to make your life more enjoyable in many ways:
  • By giving you the gift of a pleasant environment reflecting back the beauty of your decor.
  • Freeing up your time to spend it with your kids, friends, family, and adorable pets.
  • Giving you peace of mind knowing that the home is sanitary for you, your crawling infants, and your
  • Pride in ensuring less toxic chemicals are harming our planet by using earth-friendly services.
  • Peace of mind that your home, your children, and your furry kids are safe in our care.
  • Ending arguements over housecleaning, imagine the savings in therapy costs!

    Our Mission is to provide dependable, thorough, professional
    housecleaning with a focus on encouraging feedback to ensure meeting
    your needs.

    The business started originally as a single, motivated, entrepreneural spirit of a young woman named
    Rheana Jackson.  Introduced to the industry by a friend named Jane, who wanted to get out of the
    cleaning business to explore new ventures, I learned everything from her and took over her clientele. It
    grew from a handful of clients that Jane gave me and has flourished into a wonderful thriving
    My twin brother, Carl and I have always loved cleaning, spending the majority of our weekends as kids
    pretending to be homemakers, cleaning, cooking, and caring for our stuffed animals in our dad's
    adjacent shop. We kept that work shop immaculate!  I still love cleaning just as much 30 years later! It
    was a dream business for me.  :)
    Life's too short to do something you don't enjoy so I strive to hire those that also enjoy cleaning, now all
    of us have our thing that is not a thrill to clean.....for some it is that wad of hair in the shower drain, for
    others it is what's referred to as the "loo" in Britain, the glorified toilet.  Mine is the toothbrush, nope, not
    going to detail that electric toothbrush of yours (it is not on the checklist), the cabinet it sits on will be
    spotless but that drippy, gross toothbrush is your duty.

    We are here to make your space enjoyable.  Your environment has a huge effect on you
    psychologically.  It is a place that should feel comfortable, peaceful, serene and reflect back to you the
    value of what you surround yourself with.
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